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Super Clone

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Super Clone is a fast paced futuristic dungeon crawler that pits you as a clone of one of the last humans alive in a bid to destroy the robot inhabitants of your city.

Unlock and upgrade a range of weapons, armour and other elements to boost your character and defeat ever stronger enemies.

Stylish design and spectacular effects
Random enemies and layouts to increase the variation in each stage.
Individual choices of upgrades through each level to let you customise your experience.

Super Clone Tips and Strategy

While playing through each stage look for the opportunities to enter the shop or the underground with a secret lift that appears when you defeat all the enemies. In the shop you can rent (or buy) powerful weapons that will give you a big advantage. In the underground you can find and collect special rewards.

As you play though each stage try out all of the different skill boosts that you are offered. If you find the ones you like the best you can try to acquire them each time. Extra bullets and more damage are fun to use but looking for healing related skills in the harder levels is recommended to keep you alive longer.

Keep a close eye on the shop for opportunities to open the boxes for free, or with collected keys to let you obtain and upgrade the inventory items to make you stronger. There are lots of opportunities to get free stuff in the game or to get an extra item or boost from watching an advert.

Mast the movement and keep moving. In combat you may sometime need to take cover but the enemies can move fast and are mostly very dangerous. Dodging them and constantly moving around the area will give you the best chance to avoid damage. Your run will only end if you die so keep out of harms way.

If you have any questions for playing Super Clone please head to the Answers Page or drop us a review below to let us know what you though of the game.
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Love it it kinda reminds me of a super fast paced archero with a twist
4.2 / 5.0

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