Strongblade Boosters and Tools
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Strongblade Boosters and Tools

If you need a reminder how to get the different boosts in Strongblade or how to use the tools to help you clear each level there we have here a guide to all of these.

Tile Match Boosts

These can be earned during play or activated at the start of the level if you have them available to use.

Line power up - match 4 in a row of the same colour. Move or tap it to activate, clears all items in 1 row or column, the lines on the item show the direction it will clear.

Beetle - match 4 in a square. Tap to activate to, the beetle flies to a random obstacle tile and and clears a required item.

Bonus: Match 3 including a beetle piece to 'reinforce' it. The reinforced beetles will cause a small explosion when they land after being activated.

Bomb - Match 5 pieces in an L shape / T shape. Move it or double tap it to make it explode. Clears pieces with radius of 2 blocks.

Amulet - match 5 in a row. Swap with colour to clear all of that colour.


A combination of boosts will be the best way to clear a lot of pieces and is the key to making progress through the tricky stages. A combo is triggered when you swap a boost item with another boost item next to it on the board. Some combo benefits are:

2x Line power up - clears lines in both directions

Beetle + bomb = beetle flies and place bomb somewhere useful

Beetle + line = As above but with the line power up.

2x beetle = Clears a row and column and then flies to remove 2 pieces.

Bomb + Line = clears 3 rows and 3 columns

Amulet + Line - Turns all pieces of the line power ups colour on the board into line power ups and activates them.

Amulet + bomb - Turns all pieces of the bombs colour on the board into bombs and activates them.

Double Amulet - This will clear to hit once every piece on the board. A very powerful move.

In Game Tools

There are also 2 tools that you can use in game to help you win the levels. These can be received as rewards or also bought with coins.

Use this to remove a single piece from the board in any location. This may be useful to clear a stubborn piece that is blocking your progress.

The gauntlet is used in play to swap two adjacent pieces on the board. Pick any 2 pieces next to each other to swap their positions without using a turn.

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