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Stellar Hunter is a new Sci-Fi theme RPG from LTGAMES. Featuring roguelike elements, turn based combat and dice rolling to make it full of exciting possibilities. You journey will be aided by recruiting many members for your squad to make use of on your missions.

This is a deep and varied game with many challenges to overcome and worlds to explore. Below we have or essential beginners hints and tips for playing Stellar Hunter, we hope they are helpful to you.

Hints and Tips for Stellar Hunter

Follow the story
It seems simple enough and initially the story is all you can do, but over time there will be many side missions to complete. The main story line missions though will offer some of the best character upgrades and introduce you to your trusted teammates.

Along the way you will also encounter Event missions, Bounty missions and daily missions to complete. Where possible you should deal with these as well for the many rewards you can get, but try to work these around the main missions

Managing AP and Energy
While playing you will need to keep an eye on the energy you use and your AP. Energy is needed for landing on planets and starting the missions. You will regain it over time though.

AP (action points) will be used up during missions while exploring and in combat. If you run out of AP during a mission will take damage and your characters can die. You may need AP to make it back to an extraction point to leave the mission so saving it for this is warranted.

You do also have the option of Escape pods for leaving a mission in an emergency, but these are limited, use them wisely.

Manage your Team
As you play though you will encounter and recruit various team members with different abilities and strengths. You will then be able to choose a team of 4 for your missions. Each character has a page with their skills and stats.

Some characters will have tank like characteristics while others will be support oriented. A balanced mix will be useful in most cases, but you can experiment to see which set up works for you.

Characters can be improved though leveling them, This is done by earning EXP in missions but also with EXP potions that you earn as rewards. Try to save your EXP potions where you can until you have a good idea of the preferred team members for most missions.

You characters will also have gear options to further enhance their skills and strengths. As well as modules to improve these. Building the right set for each of them will take some time but is worth doing well.

Take your time
While you do need to be careful on mission not to over use your AP you will not have a time limit. Carefully exploring and investigating the area can help you avoid some fights and discover useful items and clues.

We hope these tips will help you get started in Stellar Hunter. If you have any question about playing the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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