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Spacelanders: Hero Survival - arcade shooter
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Version: 1.2.6 | In-Game Purchases

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Spacelanders is a sci-fi based action shooter with RPG elements in a similar vein to the popular Archero . Play through the various level maps boosting your weapons and defeating the various alien enemies aonlg the way. We take a look at this graphically pleasing game and offer our best Spacelanders tips and answers to help you get off to a flying start with this game.

Spacelanders Tips

1. Keep Moving
The only way you shoot is when you stop moving, but you really do need to keep moving as much as possible to stop the aliens getting a fix on your position. So it's a bit of a case of stick and move. Stay still, get off a few bullets, then move again.

2. Stay away from the edges
Watch out in cases where there are bullets or lasers that bounce off the walls. If you are too close the the walls yourself, you are more likely to be unable to dodge a rebounding bullet.

3. Save your special powers for the boss
You will want to save you special powers for the boss battles that popup all of the time, that's when you'll make most effective use of your special powers.

4. Upgrade early
As soon as you can, spend your coins on upgrades in your base. Upgrade as much as you can in the academy. There is no sense in hoarding coins early in the game. Also take every opportunity to upgrade your heroes too with gears and levels, again no sense in having good gear in your inventory not being used.
Level up in the academy and your heroes early in the game
Level up in the academy and your heroes early in the game

5. Check the events
I think it's fair to say the premium currency used in Spacelanders, gems, can be a little hard to come by, so taking every opportunity you can to get free gems is a good idea. One of the best ways to get free gems in Spacelanders is to participate in the events, often this will involve more or less what you would normally be doing in the game anyway, so check the events tab and make sure you are doing enough to get any free gems, coins and other rewards.
Events can often give good free rewards
Events can often give good free rewards

6. Daily Login Bonus
Spacelanders offers a daily login bonus for players, so remember to check in every day to benefit from the daily login rewards.

7. Collect Your VIP Bonus
VIP is a premium feature in this and many other games. Normally you pay to level up your VIP level in order to collect better daily rewards, and to get better additional permanent buffs and extras. In the game, everyone starts at VIP level 0, and the good news is, even that free VIP level comes with a daily reward, so don't forget to login to the VIP section to collect that daily free reward.
VIP Bonus Rewards
VIP Bonus Rewards

Best Characters in Spancelanders

There are two standout characters in Spacelanders, but you'll need a log of gems to get them. To be honest, you'll also need to do a lot of collecting if you want to collect anyone other than the default hero in the game, so may as well save up your gems to try to get one of these bad boys.

Sam Tyler
Same Tyler
Same Tyler

Sam Tyler is probably the best overall character in the game. Basically because he costs the most (5,000 gems)! You'll need to save up a lot of gems to purchase this guy though, but when you do his health and strength will serve as a massive advantage to you in the game.

Zima Alpha 9
Zima Alpha 9
Zima Alpha 9

Zima Alpha 9 is the other hero that costs 5,000 gems but like Same will also serve you well in the game. This characters are slightly more skewed towards health while Sam will have less health but deal more damage.

There are a lot of other characters in the game to collect, but who you get will be dependent more on luck of shard collection. If you are determined to unlock a premium character, focus on just one and save some upgrade materials to get them leveled up as soon as you unlock them.

We hope you find this tips guide to Spacelanders useful, and if there are any questions you'd like to post to our community of App Gamers, for this game head over to our Spacelanders answers page.
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