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Shadowblood is class based RPG with the benefit of Auto battle modes to make playing through the many levels simple and easy. You goal in the game is to save the land of Narr from Arcand, the corrupted resident dragon.

Choose your character and follow the story to level up and earn rewards through PvP and Raid activities.

Hints and Tips


Each of the character in Shadowblood has their own skillset. You can customize your characters abilities as you level up but you will want to start out with a class that you enjoy playing as.

- Assassin: Dual-wielding melee characters that can deal huge amounts of damage with a high Critical Chance.

- Magician: A mage class. The magician’s specialize is ranged attack spells.

- Berserker: Use hammers to dole out lots of damage with its high Attack stat.

- Ranger: Ranged attack player uses a bow and arrow with high Penetration stat.

Equip skills to customize your character
AS you upgrade your characters level you will be able to equip three active skills and one passive skill. You can create 2 sets of skill to choose from.

Find Soulstones in dungeons and challenges and use them to provide unique upgrades to your class’s skills. This will be very important for completing the higher levels of the game, so it’s a good idea to try these out and find what works for you early on.

When enhancing your armor pay attention to the “Options After Enhancement” box that will give you the details of what you can get for your improved item’s stats after enhancement. You can try out different combinations before spending items on an upgrade.

Complete the challenge modes for rare items
To grow your character to its full potential you’ll need to complete challenge modes in addition to the story quests. These modes will reward rare items to upgrade your equipment.

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Story's good, controls are good, Multiplayer is also good but, the graphics are kind of outdated.
3.3 / 5.0

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