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Rush Hour 3D Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Rush Hour 3D is a fast paced driving game where you basically have to overtake cars by holding down on the screen in order to accelerate and overtake without smashing into another vehicle. There are loads of different cars and levels to unlock in this game where incredibly poor driving skills are richly rewarded! Check out a few of our Rush Hour 3D tips and strategy to get you overtaking in no time at all.

Rush Hour 3D Cheats, Tips and Strategy

1. You'll Need loads of Diamonds!
To unlock the best cars and to upgrade them you'll need diamonds, luckily these are easily gained with normal gameplay in Rush Hour 3D. There are also diamond bonus levels where all you do is collect as many diamonds as you can.
Diamond Bonus Level
Diamond Bonus Level

Watch the ads for diamond bonuses if you need to when prompted.

With diamonds you can unlock better cars and once you have those cars use your diamonds to upgrade them for better speed, handling and armor.
Complete Missions for More Diamonds
Complete Missions for More Diamonds

Also look our for completing missions, they will also give you nice diamond bonuses. The yellow square with the clipboard icon will give you a listing of all the current missions for you to try to complete for free diamonds.
Rush Hour 3D Gameplay
Rush Hour 3D Gameplay

2. Don't get greedy
If you try to overtake too many cars you may just well crash into oncoming traffic, this will be the round over and you'll have to start the level again. Nothing major happens in the game, but you will have to sit through a video ad before you can get rolling again.

Some maneuvers will just give you a little scrape and damage your armor a bit, but high speed head on collisions will end your turn.

3. Watch out for the cops!
If the cops are on your tail then you'll need to start overtaking to escape them or risk them bashing into yo9ur car so much that you'll have no armor left and again, your round will be over at that point.
Cop Chase
Cop Chase

If you manage to evade the cops and finish the level after they have been chasing you'll get the x2 escape bonus for the diamonds collected in that level.

4. Use Your Nitro
To go even faster when overtaking on a long stretch of road or when you are playing the bonus diamonds levels, double tap the screen to go even faster with a nitro boost.

Using nitro on levels does help you to maintain a high speed which helps in overtaking. It's a lot easier to move over to the left lane and make the overtake if you are already at a high speed. As the levels progress the opportunities to overtake can be fewer, so tactics and strategies which help keep your cruising speed up are a good idea.

5. Go Ad Free
If you are enjoying the game a lot and think this is a game you will be playing a lot of then consider going ad free. The game is much more enjoyable without the compulsory ads (you'll still get optional ads to bonus diamonds). The price is about $3 to go ad free.

6. Fuel
You start the game with 20 fuel, each level you play costs you 1 fuel. Fuel is replenished at a rate of +2 fuel every 3 minutes. You can also get extra fuel for watching a video ad, tap the fuel icon to do this.

You'll need to have fuel to continue playing the game.

7. Overtaking Tips and Strategy
Whatever you do don't smash head on into an oncoming vehicle, that's game over right there. But you do need to take risks, so select your favorite car. upgrade it some and head out and play some levels.

With the car upgraded, you'll have better handling, speed and armor, all essential traits for overtaking in Rush Hour 3D.

You'll also need to take some risks, so timing a tight overtake so you just scrape oncoming traffic should be fine, as long as you have enough armor, having upgraded speed and handling makes this all a lot easier too.

Double tap to go faster, this will help as you move in and out of the overtaking lanes to maintain a high speed so you are ready to overtaking while already moving quickly.

Look out for combos, this will greatly increase the amount of diamonds you can earn, so opportunities to overtake many cars at the same time are great.

How to Unlock More Cars

It's super easy to unlock more cars, just collect diamonds as you play the game, when you have enough you can unlock the next car in the game.

What is VIP, How to get VIP Cars

It's not clear how to get VIP and the VIP Cars, its nothing to do with the no-ads purchase, do maybe the developers are considering to add a VIP feature later on, which may be subscription based, or some other form of paid content possibly.
VIP Cars
VIP Cars

There are loads of cars waiting in the VIP section, starting at 5000 diamonds. And while you can't purchase or use them, they seem to have much better upgradability, so basically if you invest your diamonds into them, they will end up being much stronger and faster than the normal cars.

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