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Welcome to our Rooms and Exits walkthrough for beginners. Here we help you go through the tutorial, and getting started with the game. However when it comes to the rest of the game, it's up to you! Use your skills as a detective to find your way through each of the levels in the game.

We no longer have our walkthrough for this game online. But we do have an active community of players that are asking and answering questions, so if you are stuck, you are welcome to ask a question, or maybe even see if you can help to answer some.

Rooms and Exits Help and Support

Remember there is a useful in-game help system that you can use if you get stuck with anything.

As well as that, the developers offer player support from within the game, to use that option, tap the settings cog from the main game page, or from within a level and tap on 'Report a Problem'.

You can also get help via email, and their Facebook page for the game.

We also have a few FAQs that may help in a few spots.

Here is a guide to the tutorial for the game.

Level 1 - Warm Up - Tutorial

Rooms and Exits is a hidden object game where you have to find specific objects before you can clear the level and move onto the next room.

The game is split into three chapters, and you can tackle any of them first, then just work your way through each level within a chapter.

The warm up is intended to get you used to the game mechanics. If you are are not familiar with this type of game, then the idea is to look everywhere to find objects needed to complete the level.

Just follow the instructions given by the game to complete this warm up level.

Warm Up Room 1
Warm Up Room 1

As you can see you simply have to click the drawer to open it. Then click it again to get the key, tap the key to put it in your inventory, then tap your bag to get the key and then tap the door to use the key on the door to open it up and make your exit.

The second scene introduces us to some more concepts in the game. This time we need to click the top half of the cupboard, this will give us a part of a key then click the lower part of the cupboard to open that too.

Warm Up Room 2
Warm Up Room 2

There we can find a pack of blades, tap them to put them our bag. Click the bag, then click the pack of blades, and this time we have to click the dismantle option to open up the box of blades and make them available to use.

Once you have done that the blades themselves should be in your bag and clickable. Click them to select, then click the use option. Then click on the cushion to use the blades on the cushion and see if there is anything inside.

You should find the other part of the key. Now in your inventory you should be able to click both parts of the key and use the combine option to make a key to exit the room

In this third room in the warm up, click the painting, then when it has zoomed in, there is a small tear in the painting which you can click o to make larger to reveal something behind it.

Warm Up Room 3
Warm Up Room 3

It's a small red tile, click it to add it to your inventory, then in your bag, click the red tile and select use.

Then click the square next to the door and you will see that you can fit your tile into the empty slot.

Do that, then you have to tap each of the tiles to make the picture look correct, start with the tile that makes most sense to you, and rotate so that the parts of the picture all match up correctly.

Once done, you can exit this room. That concludes the Warm Up - hopefully everything was straight forward.

Good luck with the game, take your time, and enjoy it as the mystery unfolds.


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