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Roblox Mining Legends
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Mining Legends is a free-to-play Roblox game where you can mine blocks by using your pickaxe. Sell your mined blocks to acquire coins, and in-game currency, which you can use to buy Rebirths and other in-game items. Redeem Mining Legends codes to get pets and gems to help you progress in the game faster.

Mining Legends Codes

Redeen the following Mining Legends codes to claim the corresponding pet and coins as a reward.

IMPOSTORTap to copy

Get a Limited Red Impostor Pet

MINITap to copy

Get a Limited Mini Tofuu Pet

AlienTap to copy

Get an Alien Serpent Pet

GOLDENTap to copy

Get a Golden Star Pet

NUCLEARTap to copy

Ge a Nuclear Monkey (Limited time only)

OPPETTap to copy

Ge a free OP Dominus pet

DEMOTap to copy

Ge a 100 Coins and 100 Gems

KNIGHTLYTap to copy

Get 100 Coins and 100 Gems

ICEYTap to copy

Get 100 Coins and 100 Gems

WIZARDTap to copy

Get Evil Wizard pet

RUSSOTap to copy

Get 500 Gems

RELEASETap to copy

Get 250 Coins

How to Enter Mining Legends Codes

Redeeming Mining Legends codes is not difficult. Launch the game and tap on the Twitter bird icon on the left side of the screen to the 'Twitter Codes' menu. Input the code in the area specified and press 'Return' to claim your reward.

How to Enter Mining Legends Codes
How to Enter Mining Legends Codes

How to get More Mining Legends Codes

We add codes to this page as soon as they are published so be sure to check back. You can also check Digging Games, the developers of Mining Legends to discuss the game with other players. Make sure you input the codes you get as soon as possible as there is usually no indication as to when they will expire. You can also check the following channels.




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