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Midnight Snack Attack Codes

Roblox Midnight Snack Attack
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Get some extra free in-game items with these Midnight Snack Attack codes for the game on Roblox. In this hide-and-seek style which is played in the dark there are are loads of unique maps, abilities and fun places to hide out. Below you'll find the codes for Midnight Snack Attack that have been released for the game.

Midnight Snack Attack Codes

Here is the list of items that you can get for free by entering promo codes in the game. These redeem codes may expire over time, so make sure you try them out as soon as they can. Please let us know if any are not working so we can remove them from our list, or if you know any new working Midnight Snack Attack codes that you would like us to add.

madcheddarTap to copy

- Get Mad Cheddar

blacklightTap to copy

- Get Blacklight Bulb

SUNNYSIDETap to copy

- Get Neon Egg

sadcheeseTap to copy

- Get Blue Cheeze

tomatosmoothieTap to copy

- Get Ketchup

scribbledTap to copy

- Get Penny the Pencil

iceeyouTap to copy

- Get Blue Flavored Ice

doodleschoolTap to copy

- Get a Green Crayon

bluesliceTap to copy

- Get a Secret Cake!

xpzoneTap to copy

- Get a Purple Crayon

yummyTap to copy

- Get a Mint Chip

wintermelonTap to copy

- Get a Watermelon Bud

woodencanTap to copy

- Get a Barrel Bud

robbieappleTap to copy

- Get a Rotten Apple

How to Redeem Midnight Snack Attack Codes

To redeem the codes for Midnight Snack Attack, simply start the game, then click on the shopping cart, this will bring up a new window, in the top left of that, there will be a code entry slot, just copy and paste the codes from this page that you would like to try.

Midnight Snack Attack Codes
Midnight Snack Attack Codes

If the code has worked, the game will notify you on screen, and you should be able to find your new items in your inventory. The inventory you can access again by tapping the shopping cart and then tapping My Stuff.

Find Your New Items in Your Inventory
Find Your New Items in Your Inventory

How to get more Redeem Midnight Snack Attack Codes

There are a couple of ways that we can suggest to stay informed of new codes when they are released. You can bookmark this page, and come back to it after game updates to check if new codes have been added. Or you can follow @RyCitrus on Twitter which is usually where new codes for Midnight Snack Attack are released.

If you are enjoying the game you could also consider becoming a Premium Member to get an exclusive bedtime bud, Neon Cheese!

Also, you can join the Club Citrus Roblox Group to unlock an exclusive bedtime bud.

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