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Funky Friday Codes Jun 2023

Roblox Funky Friday
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Get your fingers ready for some high speed rhythm battling with these Roblox Funky Friday codes and get some free points, animations, microphones and more.

Funky Friday Codes
Funky Friday Codes

If you love the likes of Dance Dance Revolution, then you may well enjoy Funky Friday, in the game you participate in rhythm battles in a variety of modes, hitting the right notes at the right time to try to score the most points and win the game. We've got some great Funky Friday codes below to get you a heap of different things to help customize your experience in the game.

You can use your Funky Friday points to purchase animations and other items at Bom's shop.

Funky Friday Codes

Listed below are the active Friday Funky Codes you can currently redeem.

– Get the FNF Speaker
– Get a Lyte Lantern Microphone
1YEARSCOOPTap to copy
– Get a 1 Year Scoop Microphone
1YEARFUNKYTap to copy
– Get 1,000 Points
2v2!!Tap to copy
– Get a Sakurama Microphone
– Get a Cheesy Microphone
XMAS2021Tap to copy
– Get a Candy Cane Animation
1BILCHEESETap to copy
– Get a Funky Cheese Animation
9keyishereTap to copy
– Get 500 Points
– Get The Radio Emote
100kactiveTap to copy
– Get 250 Points
HalfbillionTap to copy
– Get 500 Points
19DOLLARTap to copy
- Get the Rickroll Animation
smashthatlikebuttonTap to copy

Get 300 Points

250MTap to copy

Get 250 Points

1MILFAVSTap to copy

Get the Boombox Animation

100MTap to copy

Get 500 Points

How to Redeem

Redeeming Funky Friday codes is an easy process. Simply launch the game and tap on the Twitter bird icon that is at the top-left of the page to bring up a 'Codes' menu. Just input your code in the indicated area and press the blue 'Redeem' button to claim your reward.

How to Enter Funky Friday Codes
How to Enter Funky Friday Codes

How to Play Funky Friday

To play Funky Friday head to an unoccupied stage and hold down the E key on your keyboard when prompted to do so. Then you simply select which track you want to play along to and get started.

How to Play Funky Friday on Roblox
How to Play Funky Friday on Roblox

The idea is to try to be as accurate as possible with your keypresses, using the correct cursor key when they get lit up.

Customise your Avatar

Customize avatar in Funky Friday on Roblox
Customize avatar in Funky Friday on Roblox

Don't forget you also have access to your main Roblox avatar from this game so you can easily customise your appearance from within the game. To do this press the Roblox person avatar at the top of the screen from the icon menu.

How to get More Funky Friday Codes

We add codes to this page as soon as they are published so be sure to check back. You can also go to the developers channels to look for codes and discuss the game with other players.

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