Roblox Elemental Legends

Elemental Legends Codes

Elemental Legends for Roblox is a farming game from Owca_S. Farm the elements in the game and then sell them. Buy pets and master the elemental rebirths. With lost of pets to collect and regular updates.

Elemental Legends for Roblox
Elemental Legends for Roblox

Elemental Legends Codes for Roblox

The active codes for Elemental legends are listed below and you can use them to claim free pets and coins to spend in the game.
Make sure to redeem these codes as soon as you can as they can expire or be removed. If you that any have been removed please let us know the in the comments below.

Active Elemental Legends Codes

1MTap to copy

- 2 hours of Hatch Speed

SpookySpooksTap to copy

- 2 hours of double luck

Starter PetTap to copy

- Redeem for a Sheep Pet

MiniRebalanceTap to copy

- Redeem for 100 Coins

ReleaseTap to copy

- Redeem for 100 Coins

ElementalTap to copy

- Redeem for 250 Coins

TwitterTap to copy

- Redeem for a free Twitter Pet

How to redeem the codes for Elemental Legends

Codes can be redeemed in Elemental Legends while playing the game. When you start you will find a 'Codes' button in the menu on the right of the screen, tap this to open the Code entry window. Copy and paste each of the codes above and tap the green arrow icon to submit it and get the reward.

Redeem Codes for Elemental Legends
Redeem Codes for Elemental Legends

How to get more codes for Elemental Legends

The available redeem codes list above is regularly updated as new codes are released and others expire. To keep up to date with the changes to take advantage of any new codes, you can look out for them on this page, or if you are a fan then you can also follow the developers on their social channels to listen out for announcements.

If you spot any new codes or find ones that are no longer working please let us know below in the comments. And check out our Answers Page for any questions you have.
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