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Dragon Ball Rage is a free-to-play Roblox game where you unlock skills and fight your enemies, friends, and rivals to see who is the strongest. Redeem the Dragon Ball Rage codes below to get free XP, stats, and Zenkai

Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Listed below are Dragon Ball Rage codes you can redeem to claim their reward. These when available include free XP, stats, and Zenkai.

Sub2MetalizerTap to copy

- Get 1 million stats

Expired Codes






Zenkai Boost Guide

Below is a Zenkai boost requirement guide that also tells you what they unlock.

Zenkai 1: 1,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Potara

Zenkai 2: 2,500,000 of all stats - Unlocks Omni

Zenkai 3: 5,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Flame and Frost

Zenkai 4: 10,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 5: 17,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Jiren

Zenkai 6: 25,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 7: 35,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 8: 45,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Super Saiyan White

Zenkai 9: 50,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Zeno

Zenkai 10: 55,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 11: 60,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 12: 67,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 13: 69,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 14: 71,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Demon

Zenkai 15: 73,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 16: 75,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 17: 77,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 18: 79,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 19: 81,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 20: 83,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 21: 85,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 22: 87,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 23: 89,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 24: 91,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 25: 93,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Galaxy

Zenkai 26: 95,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 27: 97,000,000 of all stats - Unlocks Super Saiyan Blue 3

Zenkai 28: 99,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 29: 101,000,000 of all stats

Zenkai 30: 103,000,000 of all stats

How to Enter Dragon Ball Rage Codes

Redeeming Dragon Ball Rage Codes is a straight forward procedure, you simply have to launch the game and tap on the blue Twitter 'Codes' icon on the left side of the screen. This will bring up another menu where you simply have to tap on the yellow 'Codes' option on the left and input the code in the area provided and tap the green 'Redeem' button to claim your reward.

How to Enter Dragon Ball Rage Codes
How to Enter Dragon Ball Rage Codes

How to get More Dragon Ball Rage Codes

We add codes on this page as soon as they are published so be sure to check back. Go to iDracius, the developer of Dragon Ball Rage where you will be able to join their Discord (Dragon Ball Rage) and discuss the game with other players. You can also try their Twitter (@TheDracius). Make sure when you do find codes that you input them in as soon as possible as there is no indication as to when they will expire.

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