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Animal City Tycoon Codes

Animal City Tycoon is a Tycoon themed game where you have to earn as much money as you can to unlock loads of stuff in the game. The game is easy to get started with, and while we can't track down any codes we can give you some tips to start building up your cash reserves quickly until new codes are released for Animal City Tycoon on Roblox

Animal City Tycoon Codes

Currently there are no Animal City Tycoon codes, but we can help get you started earning cash in the game with these tips.

1. Get your village
Claim Your Village
Claim Your Village

Follow the arrows to a location where you can claim a village, this will get you started.

2. Start the Tycoon
Click to start the Tycoon machine which will start the cash rolling in.

3. Claim the cash
Claim Your Cash
Claim Your Cash

You'll need to claim the cash the dropper machines are generating by stepping on the cash machine in your village area.

4. Buy and upgrade
Upgrade Everything to get Quicker Cash
Upgrade Everything to get Quicker Cash

As you warn cash in the game, purchase upgrades and new machines to have the cash start rolling in faster. The upgrades that you can buy with your free in-game cash are usually the red buttons on the floor. The green ones are usually the ones that you'll need to purchase with Robux. If you run out of things to upgrade look out for more red dots on the floor that you may have missed.

5. 10 Minute Bonus
At the moment, there is a 10 minute bonus reward for players that stay in the game for 10 minutes, so that's another good way to get some extra free cash in Animal City Tycoon

6. Unlock the second floor and do it all again!
Yes, after you have got everything unlocked for the red dots on the first floor, you'll be able to unlock a second floor and then get a ladder do it all again!

Apart from making in-game cash, you can also do other cool things like morph into a different character, and purchase items to use, such as springs which give you a mega jump ability.

Will there be any Animal City Tycoon

A lot of game developers do release codes for their games, but a lot also do not. You can try to find out about new Animal City Tycoon codes by joining their Roblox group, you can also bookmark this page and check back, as if any new codes are released for the game, we'll be putting them right here.
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