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Random Dice: PvP Defense

Random Dice: PvP Defense

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Strategy Tower defence
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Random Dice is a play on the tower defense genre, where your towers are the dive which are randomly generated when you call them. They can be merged to become stronger, the idea is to unlock the best dice in the game, and configure a deck capable of winning in PvP. We'll be looking at Random Dice: PvP Defense Tips and Strategy and looking at Random Dice PvP best decks on this page.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Tips and Strategy

When you first start playing the game, you may wonder what it's all about, but basically you summon new dice when you have enough points, or use your points to increase the power of one type of dice. When you have two dice of the same type and points, you can drag one on top of the other and they will merge to one new upgraded dice.

The game starts off really easily as you battle past other newbies to the game, but sooner or later you'll hit up against an experienced player with a good dice loadout, and that is where your problems begin. You're not going to get very far with a deck full of common cards (unless they are well leveled up). So you need to do what you can to try to unlock some of the better class of dice. And here's how...

Unlocking New Dice

Getting better dice and creating a good deck is the key to success in Random Dice PVP Defense, to get new dice or more dice of the ones you already have, there are a number of things you can do:

1. Play the game, and win coins. Then use those coins to make purchases or cards in the shop, or to increase the level of your favourite cards on your inventory screen.

2. Open chest rewards. Look out for the daily rewards chest, and chests that you can get for free after watching a video ad. Early in the game these are expecially useful in unlocking new dice, or providing you with enough copies of a dice you already have to be able to upgrade it.

3. Play Events. Check the event tab to see what events are currently running, it's a great way to explore more of the game, and usually is a better way to get the in-game rewards than just playing PvP battles.

Learn What Each Does

Each dice has a different power or ability, as you unlock a new dice, remember what it does so you can work out if it is a suitable member for your dice deck. Pay special attention to the Unique and Legend dice as these are usually the best and most powerful dice, although they are harder to upgrade because you'll need to keep getting more of them to level them up,

Random Dice: PvP Best Dice

While each of the Legend dice are the powerful in their own way, some of these dice stand out as being fantastic to own and to try to upgrade.

Wave Dice

This dice is awesome and if you manage to get this one powered up creates an incredibly strong dice.

Healing Dice

The healing dice is incredibly annoying to play against as it will heal the monster of your opponent in PvP mode.

Silence Dice

Another really annoying dice to play against as it will silence the opponent's dice.

Blizzard Dice

The blizzard dice is a really strong card as it will slow down the monsters that you are facing, allowing you more time to kill them, while your opponent still has to face monsters of the usual speed. In boss battles, this can be especially critical.

Random Dice: PvP Best Decks

Having an awesome deck will get you the best results in Random Dice: PvP Defense, however it's not always so easy to get the best dice in the game, and enough of them to level them up. It takes time. We've picked out a couple of videos from experienced players of the game, one gives you his ideas for the best Random Dice: PvP Defense deck, and the other is geared towards beginners and there are no legendary dice in that deck.

Random Dice Best PVP Deck

Random Dice Best PVP Beginners Deck

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