Priority Characters to Reroll in Blue Archive

By Paul | Dec 6th 2021

Blue Archive is a military strategy RPG that takes place in the academy city of Kivotos where several clubs and academics are clustered together. Players take the role of an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale and will be tasked in resolving a myriad of incidents that happen within the academy city - with the help of a large roster of charming allies with different personalities and specialties.

Priority Characters to Reroll in Blue Archive
Priority Characters to Reroll in Blue Archive

Why Reroll?

Blue Archive is a gacha game - meaning that the characters you’ll get will depend on your luck and how much resources you’re willing to spend. The drop rates are frustratingly low, so if you’re after a particular character that you like or if you want a top-tier character, your best chance to get them is by rerolling at the start of the game, before you even commit to binding your account and playing for real. While Blue Archive’s drop rate is disappointing at best, at least the steps for rerolling aren't that time-consuming and challenging. Please check out our dedicated rerolling guide for the game.

Priority 3-star characters

Not counting your character preferences, here are some recommended characters that you should aim for. If you happen to get the 3-star students we’ll list here, consider keeping them since they’re also the top tier characters that will make your life a lot easier in clearing the game’s content. Please refer to our Tier List for more information about these characters.


She’s probably the best striker in the game, capable of dishing out impressive damage at the back line.


A special DPS support unit that deals AoE damage to enemies. Since she’s a Special unit, she’s practically safe from enemy fire while happily demolishing enemies offscreen.


Another excellent backline striker DPS, capable of dishing out solid mystic damage. Her EX skill can pierce through multiple enemies in a straight line and as long as you protect her with a tank, expect her to decimate the enemies efficiently.


An equally stunning and sultry character, Shun’s a very potent red/explosive backline damage dealer. She has a basic skill that will give you almost 4 points of Skill Cost at the start of the battle, allowing your allies to use your EX skills quickly.


Another backline striker, Hina deals red/explosive damage with considerable AoE and with an outstanding damage multiplier. She also has a basic skill that allows her to reload instantly once she’s out of ammo while boosting her ATK by a good amount for a few seconds.


She’s an excellent offscreen DPS unit that deals consistent heavy damage against single targets. She deals bonus damage to “extra-large” enemies (mostly bosses). She has a basic skill that can deal damage to an enemy while also having a 50% chance of stunning the target, as well as boosting an ally’s ATK by 10%.


Priority 2-star characters

If you’re lucky enough to get any of the priority characters we’ve listed above, having any of these 2-star characters will be a great bonus since they’re equally reliable and manageable.


She is the best tank in the game, with a great skill set that complements her role. Her EX skill boosts her DEF while also taunting nearby enemies, a self-heal that triggers at 30% HP (once per battle), another DEF boost basic skill, and finally, another skill that reduces incoming damage while she’s reloading. Include a healer in the same team as her and Tsubaki will be able to perform her role even longer.


A red/explosive backline striker, Mutsuki has access to a wide-area explosive payload that’s capable of clearing enemy cover while also dealing significant damage upon detonation.


A good mid-line striker. Her EX skill instantly reloads her weapon while also boosting her attack. Her 4th basic skill also increases her ATK SPD when using EX skills. She can be replaced by other top-tier red/explosive strikers but until then, she’s a great placeholder.


Hanae is a special unit who can provide consistent healing with her EX skill and also boost one ally with the lowest HP every few seconds.


She’s a blue/mystic mid-lane striker who specializes in AoE damage. Her sub-skill even gives her a chance to inflict continuous Burn damage to enemies hit by her normal attacks.


That concludes our Priority Characters to Reroll in Blue Archive article. We recommend checking out our tier list to know which characters to invest in and strengthen.

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