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Penny & Flo is a new matching puzzle game from Tactile Games, makers of the very popular Lily's Garden. As with that game Penny & Flo features an engaging story line and a long list of decorating tasks and choices to work though. The story though is optional and you can just enjoy the matching puzzles on their own.

Puzzle Hints and Tips

The puzzle levels will start of very easy and with plenty of useful guidance on what to do but you will soon find the difficulty level rise and the complexity of the obstacles you face increasing. As you play though keep in mind these tips to help you.

Focus on the objectives
Each level will have a set goal, clear certain obstacles or collect books and other items. Make sure to get these done in as few moves as you can to let you earn extra coins.

Boosters are the key in the game and while you can easily find matches to make to clear the objectives, spotting opportunities to make boosters can give you a huge advantage in the long run.

To really make the most of a booster you can combo 2 of them together (if they are placed next to each other on the board). Holding off using one to see if you can get a second one next to it can really pay off in the amount of tiles you can clear and obstacles you can deal with in one move. This can be the key to clearing difficult levels.

Remember that while you can use planning to try to clear objectives quickly and to generate boosters on the game boards there is a luck element in which pieces will fall into place for you and this becomes harder as the game progresses. If you don't get what you need then you may fail the level but keep trying as next time your luck may be better.

Penny or Flo
Once option with this game is that you can choose to play each level as either Penny or Flo which gives you different options for the boosters you can get.The game will suggest one for you each time but you can change this by tapping the image of Penny and Flow on the level start screen. If you are having trouble with a level try using the other character to see if it helps you do better.

There are regular events happening as you play in the game that encourage you to keep clearing levels. It is worth making the most of these as they are easy to participate in and with a little effort you can win a lot of useful boosters or tools to help you when playing.

Take it easy
There is no rush with the game and you can take your time with each level to look for the best opportunities. And if you fail a level you just lose a life and can try again. Lives will regenerate over time and if you run out you can take a break and try one of the other many similar games on offer until you have your lives back again.

We hope these tips help you in your Penny & Flo adventure. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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I like this game, but level 430 is stupid, it has no instructions and nothing I do works? Very frustrating!
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