Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Hidden Object Game Modes

Hidden Object Game Modes
Mystery Manor: hidden objects Guide


The core play of the game are the hidden object challenges. You will have many rooms to work through and in each a large range of objects to find. These challenges can be very difficult even at the beginning of the game.

Mystery Manor Game Modes
Mystery Manor Game Modes

Game Modes

Words Mode

This is possibly the easiest mode to play, you will have a list of names of objects and you need to find them. Many of the objects will be easy to recognise but some you will have to practice and learn what they look like. Try to get used to the likely locations in the rooms for the items to appear then check around for several items at once.

Counterparts Mode

In this mode you will also have the names of object listed to find but there will be many of them in the scene. E.g. 6 masks. Not all of the items will look exactly the same and they can be in unusual places. For each item you will need to find each of the similar items together to clear it from the list. (i.e. if you need to find 2 wreaths you must click tap them both before you then move on to another item).

Silhouettes Mode

Here you only get an outline of each object, a shape to try to match. Some are easily recognizable but others are more generic shapes. They also often rotated compared to the object in the scene. Over time you will learn what they represent.

Anagram & Abracadabra Modes

Similar to the words mode but with added difficulty, the name of the objects have the letters jumbled or upside down so you need to decipher them first. Look for the capital letter in each word to help you. You will learn to recognize them quickly.

Echoes Mode

This is a spot the difference mode where you see past and present versions of a room. find the items missing from one or the other, or the changes in decoration in the two rooms.


There are also random phenomenons that can occur in some challenges to increase the difficulty.

Darkness Phenomenon

Here the room will be in darkness and you will have a spotlight that you can move around the room to see. Scanning the room will take time.

Poltergeist Phenomenon

Here a mysterious entity will move about the scene and distort what you can see.

Changing Game Mode

The game modes for each challenge can be changed if you have trouble with the selected one. To do this you will see a small cube / dice icon on the top left of the Mode box on the challenge start screen. Tap this and you can reroll the mode using either a Magic Cube item, which you can earn or by watching a video ad. The new mode that you get will be random.

Hidden Object Game Modes

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