Mystery Manor: hidden objects

Mystery Manor: hidden objects

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Review by GuestAug 10th 2022
It's fun and good concept I just hate everything is timed and make you rush thru rooms.

Be better if was casual game.

Also harder to enter rooms and unlock - have to go thru 20 million quests to get freaking keys.

When searching in modes they put objects off to edges of screen , show only piece of object , hide it being another object, draw it in wall or curtain and hard to see

Will also pop things up later before timer runs out so can't win

I hated the drag out special events - the one space chick and her zepplin
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Review by GuestJun 1st 2021
I love the game, but completely don't understand how to proceed many times. I become so frustrated with the lack of direction it gives. It keeps telling me that I have to be online and I am through Facebook! Totally confused!
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Review by GuestDec 4th 2020
Like the game but too hard to move up on..
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Review by GuestAug 27th 2019
Very frustrating and hard getting needed items, energy is a joke and unless you have money to spend.... Don't waste your time
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