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Furniture Guide
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Furniture in Mystery Manor give you a set of decorative items that you can place in each room. In some rooms the furniture will also include the design of walls and floors. Choosing and changing these give you the option to stylize the rooms to your own tastes but they can also give you some useful effects for playing the game.

Furniture Effects

Possible effects granted by the furniture in a room include earning more coins, gaining more experience, or competition points or removing phenomenons that make your game play harder. Only the active furniture items in a room will grant you the effects although they will stack if more than one items has the same effect. Furniture in one room will not affect your game play in another room.

Furniture Rarity

Each item of furniture items that you unlock will have a set rarity. These can be Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. This rarity will affect the range of effects the item will be able to grant you.

How to change furniture

When you have furniture enabled you will have a chair icon on the map screen which will then let you choose a room to modify. Select the Room and you can then choose from available items you have unlocked.

Any furniture items that you replace or are not actively using will be stored so that you can use them again in future if needed.

Changing Furniture Effects

Once you have gained 10 items of furniture in the game you will have the option to re roll any furniture item to get a new effect for it. There is a button at the bottom of the screen for this. You will need items called Antique Kronas to spin a re roll wheel for any item that will randomly select a new effect for it. The rarity of the effect you get will not be lower than the rarity of the furniture item.

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