Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Offline Games

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Offline Games

Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Offline Games

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Monsters War is a simple to play PvE arena battle game where you will collect and upgrade a large range of monster characters to battle against ever increasing levels of enemies.

Your goal in each level it to take down the enemy tower while protecting your own. To do this you will train monsters from a selection to send into the battle in real time.

Hints and Tips

The best way to progress in this game is to just keep playing and wherever possible watch the video ads as each one will let you earn coins, new monsters, gems or more useful items.

Upgrade the Tower
The tower is the objective for the enemies to destroy and as such needs to be protected. It is easier, cheaper and more tempting to upgrade your monster units to increase your attack but upgrading the tower will increase its own defense and more importantly it will let you earn the food faster and start each level with more food so that you can add more units to the battle. Tower upgrades are expensive but its worth saving up for them.

Try the monsters out
You will quickly unlock more monsters than you can select (you can only use up to 8 in each battle) and each one will have different attacks and strengths. When you unlock each one make sure to try it out and see how it compares.

Some monsters will have close quarters attacks while others will have ranged attacks. Its a good idea to have some of each available and to be able to send them out together. A strong brawler character will help protect the ranged attackers to let them deal a lot more damage.

We hope this helps you get started in Monsters War. If you have any questions for playing the game please see our Answers Page, or drop a review below.
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