How to get more card packs in Monolisk

How to get more card packs in Monolisk

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The bases for levelling up and improving both your fighting ability and shard making ability in Monolisk is the card system. Apart from a few started that you earn, cards are gained through opening the card packs which are available to buy in the game.
How to get more card packs in Monolisk


The quickest way to do this is through buying them with money. The packs are not cheap to buy any unfortunately what you get is random however as the game does not bug you with ads or make you watch videos for items then chipping in to help further development of this new game is not a bad compromise.

If you are not able to get all you want fro buying packs with money then you can get them for free in other ways. You can buy card packs with the in game coins currency with 1 pack costing 1000 coins. You earn coins in the game through playing shards (a few at a time) or by completing quests. These are very worth doing as quickly as you can as the rewards are large.

Make your own

You can also earn packs through making your own shards. Every shard you make and publish will be available for others to play and every time they do they will vote with 1-3 stars on how good they think it is. Those stars add up and when you reach the required total (50 stars) you will gain a card pack.

Making shards int he game is fun and for this reason also rewarding. And the more cards you unlock the better shards you can make. Keep giving your creations to the community and earn the rewards from it.

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