Quests, Glory and Seasons

Quests, Glory and Seasons

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Monolisk has a system of quests and points to earn and gain rewards for playing and help you progress. The quests will let you directly earn bonus coins to use on card packs while glory points give you a rank with set rewards to gain.


The quests in Monolisk will reward you for completing fixed objectives in the game, this might be reaching certain milestones with particular characters or reaching a total of in game actions such as killing creatures or destroying objects. You may also receive quests for getting followers.

Quests will have a fixed coin reward which will be very useful in progressing towards free card packs.

Quests, Glory and Seasons

Once completed the quest will be removed to make room for new quests but you will need to wait for a time out before more appear for you. You can also choose to discard a quest if you don't think you will be able to complete it, to let you get a new one. But you will still need to wait for new ones to appear.

It makes sense to try to complete quests as soon as you can after you receive them.


Glory points are shown below your name as the crown symbol. The points are earned through playing shard levels and completing challenges during them.

Quests, Glory and Seasons

The easy challenge to complete is to clear the shard, this means to defeat all the enemies before exiting it. This will give you a bonus on earned glory points. The other challenges involve getting killstreaks (kills in a row with less than 4 seconds between each), multikills, healing yourself, and more.

You can check out the full list int he Quests menu by tapping the Glory icon in the top right.


Glory points are earned during a season, at the end of which you will receive a chest with rewards depending on the rank level that you manage to reach through earning the glory points.

The seasons are set to run monthly, so your reward will be delivered at the end of the month with a new season starting immediately afterwards.

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