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Planeswalkers are the most critical card in the game. The cost no points to play and you get a set number of them at the start of every battle. They are so important because of the fact that they are free to deal into the game, but also because other cards can be dealt close to them when they are on the battlefield and also the special powers that each one of them have,

Which Planeswalkers you choose to play with and develop is pretty much a personal choice, but our favourite at the moment is the one that we all get at the start of the game, Chandra Nalaar.

Chandra Nalaar

Chandra is an incredibly useful Planeswalker because she can attack both air and ground units. Place her onto the field of battle at the front and she will push the enemy troops back, but don't forget to support her with other troops from your deck. Once you get close, to the enemy guardians, drop a Golem or another building damage card to inflict a great deal of damage to your opponent's guardians.

Planeswalker Color Codes

There are many Planeswalkers to select from in Magic: ManaStrike, and each one of them has special abilities based on their color, these are as follows:

Red - Fighting and Damage
Blue - CC Skills
White - Healing and Protection
Green - Mana management
Black - Debuffs

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