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Magic: Manastrike is a card collecting, real-time, battle strategy game. You create your deck of battle cards and place them onto the battle field with the aim of destroying your opponents towers. Here on AppGamer we've good some MTG ManaStrike Tips and we're also putting together a guide and tier list too.

If the game sounds familiar? Because it probably is... There are a load of similar games such as this one which you may have already played. Take Clash Royale for example.

So why play this game? Well it's new, fresh and looks great. There are a ton of new cards to learn about and a whole new in-game experience to be had.

We've put together a few tips and hints which we've listed below, we are also putting together a Magic: ManaStrike guide too.

Magic: ManaStrike Tips

These tips are suitable for beginner players only. If any expert players out there are reading this and have some tips, please leave us a comment in the section below and if we like them we'll add them to our list with a credit.

1. Don't be afraid to throw first
Much like in Clash Royale, I don't waste any time getting started with my attack and in MTG: ManaStrike I'm taking the same attitude. Starting with a Planeswalker then adding some cards to support it.

2. Have a Tower Damage Dealier
if your Planeswalker makes it to the enemy tower then that is a great time to throw your Golem, or another tower damage dealer seeing as he can be dropped right next to the Planeswalker.

3. Level up your cards
In the beginning it doesn't really matter too much which card you level up, so whatever you can, level up during the beginning stages.

4. Collect your rewards
When you start having battles, there are loads of rewards to be had, make sure you collect them after each battle and level up an cards that you can often.

5. Don't waste your Planeswalkers
Initially, you only get three Planeswalkers, so if you use them, make sure you have enough energy to back them up so they just don't die too quickly! When there is a minute left in battle you get another, and also if you destroy an enemy sub-tower you also get another Planeswalker tower.

6. Focus on one Planeswalker
At the beginning, it's probably best to focus on using one Planeswalker, as the more you use them successfully in battle, the stronger they will become.

That's about all for your MTG: ManaStrike Tips, if you have any questions about the game, then feel free to drop us at a question over on this page and 'we-ll see if we can help you out.

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