Magic: ManaStrike

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Cheats, Tips and Strategy
Magic: ManaStrike Guide

Here are some gameplay tips suitable for beginners to Magic: ManaStrike.

1. Don't be afraid to play first
A good play is to place a semi powerful card, say about 3 mana behind one of your sub-guardians, but before you do this wait until your mana is almost full, that way as soon as you lay you'll force your opponent to play something quickly he'll just be sitting on full Mana.

2. Don't play your Planeswalker first
Better to play other cards first at the beginning so there is an established army to protect your planeswalker

3. When your Planeswalker is close to the enemy sub guardian play a tower damage card
So I like to play the Golem when my Planeswalker is close to the sub-guardian, I stick it as close as I can to the tower because he is very slow moving, he'll also absorb some of the hits from the enemy there too.

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