Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle Tier List

by AppGamerOct 8th 2018
We take a look at the best characters in the game and come up with some suggestions for characters level up and use in Knights Chronicle
Knights Chronicle Tier List

We've come up with our list of whom we think are the best characters in the game for various things, such as best attacks, best defenders etc...

We'd love to hear your opinions also, and welcome any feedback or suggestions or your own Tier Lists for Kinghts Chronicle.

Best Attackers

Here are our favourite attackers in the game.

#1: Mina - Spirit Fox

#2: Esna - Supernatural Girl

#3: Kali - The Controller

#4: Morrigan - The Slaughterer

#5: Verdandi - The Punisher

Best Defenders

Here is our list of best defenders, characters that we class as being great at protecting allies and blocking enemy attacks

#1: Electra - Charming Destroyer

#2: Claude - The Undertaker

#3: Marduk - Ironwall Protector

#4: Amon - The Prophet

#5: Corelia - Shield Knight

Best Healers

Healers can heal your allies during and it is remmoneded that you should add at least one healer to your team, here is our pick of the best.

#1: Deimos - Blessed Faith

#2: Karen - Klutzy Waitress

#3: Sid - Wings of Hope

#4: Miss Etica - Dr. Moral's Assistant

#5: Rue - Grand Duchy Maid

Best Characters for Arena Battles

Our are our top 5 characters for PvP arena battles.

#1: Cain - Wild Warrior

#2: Ruby - Gritty Girl Fighter

#3: Cynthia - Word Spell Witch

#4: Lifa - Vulk Girl

#5: Ramu - Courage of Hope

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