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Jetpack Jump

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Version: 1.2.1 | 4+

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The concept of Jetpack Jump is quite simple, incredible tap accuracy to get the biggest jump possible. And while the concept is simple, mastering the game certainly is not. We've put together a few Jetpack Jump tips to help you make the longest jump.

Jetpack Jump Tips and Tricks

Timing is everything
Timing in this game is something that you will have to practice to master, making one perfect tap is great, but can you make all three of the taps in one round perfect, plus maximising your jetpack boost by utilising it at the optimum. That is the main goal for a perfect score.

Jetpack Jump - Getting a Long Jump
Jetpack Jump - Getting a Long Jump

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade
Upgrade your Jump, Jetpack and Offline earnings as soon as you are able to, getting your levels up for the Jump and Jetpack are essential in helping you get towards some mighty long jumps, and in turn you'll be earning more coins per jump.

Jetpack Jumps - What to Upgrade
Jetpack Jumps - What to Upgrade

Upgrading the offline earnings is also good, so your game will still be racking up the coins even when you are not playing.

When to use the Jetpack Boost
After 3 perfect taps in a round, you'll need to use the Jetpack boost in the correct way in order to get the best jump, so again, timing is everything. I kind of link to use up all the boost when I've reached the top of my flight in order to carry my character further, it seems to work well for me, but if other players have some tips, feel free to drop us a comment below.

Triple Up
You can get more coins faster if you are prepared to watch ads for triple the amount of coins that you earned in a jump.

A note about the ads in the game
The ads are a tad annoying and a bit too frequent, but that looks to be the way the developers have chosen to try to get back the money they have spent developing the game.

There are two options, one is to go VIP, which we don't recommend because it is a subscription service and the price is high. The other option is to just select no ads, again that is paid for, but at $2.99 it's pretty reasonable if you are enjoying the game and plan to play it for some time.

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