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Infinite Galaxy is a next generation immersive, space game from Camel Games. A strategic MMO base building and combat game, with 3D graphics and a huge range of ships and options to explore. To develop and survive in this future space combat environment you will need to build your own strength and also team up with an alliance of other player to take on the challenges.

Hints and Tips for Infinite Galaxy

The game will run you through tutorials when you start out to give you the basics but we have come up with a few tips to help you get started out in the right way.

Take advantage of your shield

When you start you will have protection shield active that will stop you being attacked in the early stages, this lasts until you reach level 10.

During these early stages get used to working on the main story line and other quests to earn Khorium and other resources. You will also gain speedup items to help you speed up upgrades.

Hold on to as many of the speedups and Khorium that you can during this phase as they will become very useful to you to advance your progress after you reach level 10 and your protection is gone. If you become a target as you possibly will you will want to level up to improve your strength as fast as possible and the upgrades will only get more expensive and take longer to complete.

Extra Builder Queue

It is an option to get an extra builder queue in the game for a cost of 200 Khorium. Early on this is not necessary and you can do without it. After Level 10 if you can spare the Khorium then it will be a big boost to your progress speed.

Tier 4 Warships

When upgrading after level 10 focus on getting your Research Lab up to Level 13 to unlock the Tier 4 warships.

Prioritize Research and Building

Again as above developing your space base in these initial levels speed is important. To do this you can upgrade your core modules to get improvements to the building and research speeds. Check Core Modules > Development section for building and research speed up.

Also when choosing crew members look for the ones that can help to speed up building and research.

Gather Resources

A final hint to to remember to use the Scout ships to gather extra resources for you as you will need all that you can get.

We hope that these hints are useful to you. If you have any questions for the game please head over to the Answers Page to ask there.


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Infinite Galaxy FAQs

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Explore energy, how to get more?

Explore points are reset to 50 at server time 00:00. There is no way to add points in the game.

Can you take over a star from another alliance and how?

You attack the outpost. You cannot do a full attack so you just have to attack and keep it burning. When it's HP reaches 0 it reverts to a platform and you can attack that as normal and build when you defeat it.

How do you regain explore power?

Explore points are reset to 50 at server time 00:00. There is no way to add points in the game. ... + 1 More Answers

How long off line before leadership changes?

It doesn’t change unless you are attacked - which is likely to happen if you have been offline.

How do you teleport your space port to another destination?

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I have enjoyed it immensely. My first nebula was 16. I have gained lots of gaming friends.

4.4 / 5.0

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