Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Redeem Codes (July 2022)

by vhaysteJan 25th 2022
Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Redeem Codes (July 2022)All of the redeem codes for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga are below. While they are still valid, you can use these codes to redeem some free stuff for this game. Make sure to use them before they expire. Check back at a later date to see if more Idola: Phantasy Star Saga codes have been released. We test all codes when we publish them on our website.


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Description and Features

The classic RPG series, Phantasy Star finally comes to mobile! Experience thrilling turn-based battles with two party modes, world-class artwork, an unforgettable musical score, and an epic fantasy through a fully-voiced story campaign. Save the land of Vandor from the threat of Dark Falz.

Return to the series roots through a command style system of battle. Release your ultimate skill, Elemental Blast to defeat your enemies by consuming elemental values.

You can deploy and switch between two party modes, Law and Chaos during battles. Switching parties unleashes an all-out attack called Reverse Rush, so take your chances and change the tides of battle!

Face each characters’ fate, and choose the ultimate upgrade for each, changing the conclusion to a character’s story! Not only will it change the characters’ appearance, but also their skills and Elemental Blast as well.

Join forces with friends and other players to defeat the IDOLA. You can also become an amazing IDOLA yourself and battle other adventurers! There are various kinds of IDOLA available within the game.

Two teams enter – only one leaves. Battle with other adventurers’ teams to become the ACE of the Arena!
- From the game's store page


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Codes

Here are the current latest working redeem codes for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga. Redeem them before they expire to get the corresponding rewards. If any of the codes have expired or not working, please leave us a comment below. Thank you!

IDOLAFG3000Tap to copy

Redeem this code to get 500 Star Diamonds (New)

EU381hd3G6Tap to copy

Redeem this code to get 50k Meseta, also x2 Stamina potion

EU73g3D445Tap to copy

Redeem this code to get 50 Tome of Universe

idolacode02Tap to copy

Redeem this code to get 500 Star Diamonds

How to Redeem Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Codes

To redeem these codes for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga, please follow these steps:

1. Launch the game then tap the Camp button.
2. Tap Options, then Redeem Code.
3. Enter the codes provided above then tap Redeem.

If the codes are still valid and have not yet expired, you should get the corresponding reward as detailed above.

How to get more codes for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga

Please return to this page another day to check for the latest codes for this game as well as looking at the complete list of all of the released codes for this game in case you have missed any. Codes for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga could be released by the developers on a number of social channels, you can also follow those to stay ahead and grab the codes as soon as we do. The social channels that we follow in relation to this game are:


As well as being a great way to get codes when they are released, these are also good locations to stay informed about the latest game updates, to get help with the game, and to chat with other players.


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