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In Idle Human, prestige is the process of starting the game over but with a slightly higher cells per seconds earning rate. To get the option to take prestige you need prestige points, you get these you need to unlock body items. When you have enough prestige points, you will get the option to take prestige and start over.

We do recommend taking prestige whenever you can as although you start over, in the long term, you'll be earning cells a lot faster.

Prestige - Start Over on a Higher Multiple
Prestige - Start Over on a Higher Multiple

You don't have to take prestige as soon as it is offered though, and to be honest it gets a bit boring when you do it like that. You can also unlock more body parts and earn more prestige points in order to get a bigger jump in prestige when you take it.

You'll see how much extra prestige you will get when you take the prestige option by looking at the number below the prestige star on the main game screen.

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