Idle Human

How to Play Idle Human

How to Play Idle Human
Idle Human Guide

It's really easy to get started with Idle Human. Basically you just need to start constructing a skeleton. To do this start tapping the foot icon. Then when you can't upgrade it any more, start tapping the cell icon. That basically will get you started. Keep reading for more instructions on how to complete a human body quickly in Idle Human, what upgrades to get and why you need to take the Prestige option when you are offered it.

How to Play Idle Human
How to Play Idle Human

What to build first in Idle Human

Usually best to just start with the skeleton structure, all parts of the skeleton is the best way forward, so all the items can start to contribute to your overall cell count.

When to take Prestige

Prestige is what you can take when you get enough cells in the game, and basically you'll be starting the game over but you'll earn more cells per second for every action. It really is a good thing to take whenever you are given the option to do so.

When you take prestige however, you will be lose the skins you have already unlocked! And also all of the upgrades! It really is starting over!

You get the option to take prestige when you unlock enough body parts. So with that in mind, you need to basically just get enough cells to unlock a few items, then take the prestige when the icon appears and start over. The quickest way to unlock body parts is the upgrade the amount of cells you get per click.

Unlock More Humans

As you earn more cells you can unlock the option to unlock more humans, here's what you'll need to unlock each of the other skins:

Unlock Female Skin
1M cells

Unlock Alien Skin
1B or 150 Diamonds

Unlock Cyborg Skin
1T or 500 Diamonds

Unlock Zombie Skin
This is NOT available to unlock at the time of writing (4th December 2019).

Unlocking the Zombie Skin
Although the Zombie skin looks like it is an available option in Idle Human, at the moment, there is no way to unlock it. The developers have included it in the game, so we think that in time, it will become available, so start saving!

If you unlock more skins, you'll be earning cells from multiple bodies at the same time, so as soon as you have enough to unlock a new skin, you should do so.


Take the upgrades whenever you can. Here are the upgrades that you can take:

10% More Offline Cell Production
10% More Offline Time
100% Production on Tap on Cell
25% more cell from body parts

Our recommendation is to take all of these upgrades whenever you can, they all offer great benefits.

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