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Idle Angels Review - Form an army of scantily clad angels in this rated M17 mobile game.

Idle Angels Review - Form an army of scantily clad angels in this rated M17 mobile game.

Idle Angels by MUJOY GAMES is an Idle-RPG where you can collect and form a combat party with attractive heroines to defeat various enemies, bosses, and other game content. The game doesn’t really offer anything new as it just follows the same formula as other idle rpgs out in the market today. The recurring features of idle RPGs are auto-combat, idle rewards, and linear progression. You’ll find all of those in the game and veteran players of the genre might even feel the experience a bit shallow. However, we’ll try to be fair here in this review, and we’ll point out the game’s strengths and flaws.

Let’s start with the game’s main allure - the actual characters or “angels”. They are beautifully illustrated and they’re even made more alive with Live2D animation. Sadly, there is really no in-depth lore or story here so don’t expect fleshed-out characters in the roster. As we’ve said, the character designs are mostly pretty great to look at but that’s about it; your desire to own or include the character in the team will be most likely driven by any or all of the following factors: rarity, skills, and personal taste.

If you want to have an in-depth connection to your preferred angel, you can give her gifts to increase her affection towards you. The selected angel will also have attribute bonuses whenever she reaches certain affection level milestones. Once that affection level reaches a certain point, you can even “marry” that character. However, that also requires a premium item (Magic Star Ring) that costs 999 diamonds.

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The combat is a no brainer as well. The actual fighting is automatic, even down to the characters’ skill use. In fact, you won’t even see your actual characters fighting. There are no sprites or character models; you’ll only see their portraits, combat effects, numbers, and maybe a brief glimpse of their animated illustration when they’re doing their special attacks. Your primary focus to ensure that your team wins in any fight is to keep their level and equipment updated. Your angels also have classes or types. Creating a team with a good mix of these classes increases your chances of effectively dealing with any enemies you face.

When leveling up your characters, there are “soft caps” or level caps that will prevent them from leveling up further until you spend some Holy Cores to break that limit and allow your character to be leveled up until the next soft cap. On the other hand, the game conveniently allows you to instantly transfer a character’s level and equipment if you replace her with a new character, saving you time and resources from building that new character again from scratch.

The weapons, armor, and accessories needed by your angels can be obtained from idle rewards (rewards earned automatically as time passes, even if you’re offline). This keeps your entire team’s arsenal updated whenever you log back into the game and claim said rewards. Additionally, you don’t need to micromanage your angels’ gears as you can easily update their gears with a quick tap on the Auto-Equip button. These outdated weapons and equipment can be smelted for points, then use those points to craft higher-level weapons and gear.

The game’s visual quality isn’t something to write home about. At least, the UI isn’t that cluttered since you can easily find things on the screen and the screen transitions are quick and smooth. However, there’s really not that many interesting or enticing things to see (aside from the actual angels/characters). You’ll just jump from screen to screen, see some reused assets, generic and repeatable moving backgrounds. The audio quality is subpar but bearable.

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The game’s gacha system allows you to use Summon Scrolls or Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. The latter can be easily acquired by buying them with real money but you can also earn them for free but in really limited numbers. There are two types of banners where you can summon from; Normal and Elite. Both banners have a pity system which guarantees you to get a character with the specific rarity after a set number of summons. You’ll get a free summon for each banner daily.

The game’s in-game shop has a lot of different offerings, ranging from direct diamond purchases, bundles, or even skins (fashion packs) The character skins they feature are good eye candies but some of the prices are just plain robbery for an L2D skin that you’ll just enjoy seeing for a few seconds after setting the character as your active character in the home screen.

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If you’ve been playing several gacha or mobile games like me, the inclusion of ads in a game usually corresponds to its quality. It is understandable why some developers include ads in their game but they should never forget that excessive ads really ruin a game’s overall appeal.

The game has horrible, annoying, and intrusive ads that will be shoved to your face when you’re just trying to claim the so-called “bonuses”. In some games, ads can be a bit bearable, provided that it can be easily skipped or closed after showing the ad. That’s not that case in the game; some ads shown in the game even have the “x” or close button hidden away in plain sight or are really small and difficult to spot. Some ads can even hijack the game screen, preventing you from going back to the previous screen unless you close and re-launch the game again. These inconveniences really ruined the game for me.

Idle Angels is simply put, just another generic idle-RPG game that was slapped with beautiful female characters as its main selling point. Sadly, the inclusion of ads just made the game a bit “cheap”, and the consistent barrage of in-app sale/bundle announcements can become tiring. Of course, in-app purchases are optional and you can get through the game without spending anything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not poorly made but it’s not exceptional either. In fact, the entire experience can be forgettable and dismissable. So if you think you like what you see and just want to have a chill, idle, gameplay experience, Idle Angels might be right up your alley.

3.5 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jun 1st 2022

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