Hotel Empire Tycoon

Hints and Tips for Hotel Empire

Hints and Tips for Hotel Empire
Hotel Empire Tycoon Guide

Watch your Expenses
There are a good many things to spend money on in the game including advertising and wages both of which can help you get more and happier visitors to your hotel. But be careful not to do too much. Although ad campaigns will bring in more visitors and adding lots of staff will endure you don't get any angry customers or missed guests these will also add to your expenses and keep your profits very low.

Build Rooms
Once you are making some profits you will need to invest it back and the first place to start is with rooms. Without enough rooms your guests will not stay so be sure to start adding rooms when you can up to the maximum for the hotel you are managing.

Keep a mix of single and double rooms to cover the guest options. After adding them you will also be able to upgrade them which will let you charge more money to increase your profits.

Complete missions
Keep an eye on the missions in the game as these will reward you will cash and gems. Tap the 'i' symbol in the top right to view the missions list and make these a priority. The cash is useful and the gems will be important to let you unlock some of the premium upgrades.

A lot of Parking
Your hotel will come with a Parking lot for guests to use and also pay you to park in. You can also upgrade this and you should do this as a full lot may mean guests will not visit you if they cannot park their car.

Check the parking lot display to see how many spaces you have available and if this fills up regularly then its time to upgrade. Tap the sign to see the upgrade options.

Remember the Power
As your hotel expands and upgrades are done your hotel will require more power to keep it running smoothly. When you run out of power you won't be able to add anything further. Make sure to also upgrade the generators etc to keep the power running.

Ads boost your progress
There are many opportunities to speed up your progress and earn extra rewards in Hotel Empire by watching ads. Double your profits with VIP campaigns and get free cash from VIP guests in exchange for these. If you have time then these are worth doing.

Start more hotels
Finally as your hotel improves you will be able to start on a new one. You can Tap the H symbol in the top right to see the hotels that you have active in the game. Each hotel is separate and the income from them cannot be shared but completing each is the objective of the game so move on when you are ready to start each new challenge.

If you need more help and have any further questions for Hotel Empire Tycoon then please head to the Answers Page to as there.

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