Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Hint and tips

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Hint and tips
Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Guide

If you are enjoying racing the loops and drifitg around the tracks of Hotwheels infinite loop then here we have out top tips and hints to help you improve your racing. If you have any other suggestions for fellow gamers please let us know below.

Play the Leagues
The main game mode in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is the league and this will be your key to practising the courses, honing your skills gaining the rewards and experience to rank up and unlock vehicles. Each run will pit you against a range of opponents of varying skill so you may not find you can perform consistently but it will all be helping towards your progress.

Practice Goals
Master the timing of the initial boost to be able to perform the perfect starts as often as possible. This is not an easy feat but practice will help.
Know your nitro. Using the nitro boost at the right times and as often as possible is an important step in beating your opponents. It is not the only way to win but it will help in most situations. Practice being able to keep your eyes on the track ahead and know when to boost.
Track knowledge. Get yourself familiarised with the entire track to know when the opportunities for drifting and booting will be and the dangers of road blocks and sharp turns.

In Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, drifting can be a huge benefit to you as long as you can watch out for dangers and use it effectively. Using drift in a corner will automatically control your path and keep your speed up which is very useful but make sure you pay attention to the other cars and know when to stop the drift.

Keep an eye while drifting for sparks coming from the wheels. The sparks will have a different colours from red, then yellow, and finally blue the longer you hold the drift. You may need to release the drift early if the corner ends but if you can hold in you can get a boost. Blue sparks indicate that the drift boost is near the end and holding on further may then slow you down so when you see them back out of the drift.

Nitro / Nitro Flash
The nitro boost in infinite loop is going to be key to getting good results regularly. The nitro is shown at the top of the screen in three levels. As you race your nitro will fill up ready to use. When each nitro is full you can use it at anytime although it can be a good idea to wait for all nitros to be full before using them. As you consume a nitro to boost the boost time can be extended by tapping on the nitro button again when the meter touches the last blue area of the nitro bar. Used well with full boosts you can chain multiple boosts together for a long fast run that can dominate the race. As long as you stay out of trouble.

The racing in Host Wheels Infinite Loop will put you up against a range of AI or real world players. This can lead to a lot of crashes but also a lot of opportunities to triumph. Keeping your speed up and taking the opportunities to knock your opponents out of the race is part of the game and will give you the best chance of winning

The Challenges in infinite loop are a good way for you to test yourself to see how good you are getting at the game and a great way to gain rewards. Completing challenges will get you the items you need to upgrade your vehicles and your game progress. Challenges are limited to 5 a day so its a good idea to practice your skills to make sure you are on top of your game before taking the challenges.

There are 2 types of challenge:
Daily challenge - time trial. Here you will race against AI opponents to set the best time. The better you do the better the rewards.
Gates trial. Run the course and pass through the time gates to keep yourself in the race.
With both of these it will help to have played the course before in the leagues to practice and memorize the location of gates , corners and hazards to give yourself the best chance.

Daily Tasks And Achievements
Another good way to earn rewards in the game is through the daily tasks and achievements. If you are playing regularly then checking the daily tasks each day and trying to hit each of the goals listed will keep your progress up and the rewards coming in. As you play you should also be working towards the achievements for the game, each of which will gain you a experience and one off rewards.

Watching the ads to help yourself.
As a quick shortcut to gaining rewards and tickets for playing in the game the ads are worth your time to watch and gain the unlocks and items that will help you improve and continue playing. The game itself does not force advertising at you or require purchases so a few ads to support the developers and help you as well are well worth it.

We hope these tips are useful to you. If you have any more please add them below and if you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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