Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Tips and help for playing Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop
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Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Guide

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Welcome to Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. This is a new mobile racing game based on the hot wheels toy range from Mattel.

Tips and help for playing Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

The new mobile game is a fast paced arcade racer with some exciting game mechanics such as the loops, stunts, drifting and boosting to make each race a dynamic experience. The game modes include individual challenges and competitive racing against other players.

The game is a both simple to play for those looking for fun and difficult to master for those who want to challenge themselves and be the best. It is this that makes it a good mix for anyone who likes to try their hand at the racing genre.

Check out our top hints and tips for Infinite Loop to get the best from the game. If you ave any question please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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