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Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips
Hay Day Guide

Plan Ahead

Many of the crops in Hay Day take a considerable amount of time before they are ready to harvest. You should always plant these just before you go out, or go to bed. The shorter time crops are those that you should be sowing while you are active and in the game. This way, you are not waiting around for things to be ready with nothing to do.

Be Efficient

You always want to have the supplies required for your tasks ahead of time. If you run out of seed or animal feed in particular, your supply chain breaks down, and then you either have to wait, or shell out cash to buy what you need. Try to stockpile the more crucial elements in your supply chain, and upgrade your storage facilities if need be to make sure you can do this.

Top 10 Tips
Wait for the Best Offers

When computer-controlled characters visit your farm, they often make pitiful attempts at offers for your items. If you decline them, they will often return with a better deal. Also, unless you have a huge amount of excess items, you can always sell them to other players or use them to create other items.

Sell Excess Produce

You need to keep space in your storage for the most important items, and if it gets filled up with low-value or unimportant items, you will need to sell them. Use the Roadside Shop rather than waiting for the correct combinations of items to sell to people visiting your farm, this will enable you to get rid of most of your items and at reasonable prices. Check what other people are selling things for to work out a reasonable price.

Save your Diamonds

Diamonds are quite scarce in Hay Day. You should save them for times when you really need them, such as if you are in all day and need to rush production of something to avoid having to wait around for ages. Don't use them unless absolutely necessary, as you will come to regret it and they are, in fact, worth real money - so think about that before splashing out and using them up!

Don't Plant More Than You Have

It can be tempting to use up all of your supplies in a particular category to make a nice neat field on your farm. You should, however, make sure you have at least one seed left which you can then sow to create more - if you use them all up, you have to purchase more at a much greater price to be able to harvest any of that type again.

Look for Experience

When deciding which orders to fulfil, it can be all too easy to just focus on the Coins and not the other figure which is shown to you on the Orders screen. This is Experience, and is just as important as Coins, if not more so. Make sure you are not just going for the high-Coin orders and spread some Experience orders around as well. Levelling up is the key to Hay Day success, especially when you are trying to beat your friends.

Top 10 Tips
Pick and Choose Your Orders

Just because an order is on the Order screen, it doesn't mean you have to fulfil it. In fact, sometimes you will want to free up space on your bulletin board, so it is often worth ditching the orders you have no intention of filling, or simply can't due to missing resources. That way, if you are patient, you may get an order through which is far easier to accommodate.

Watch the Delivery Boy

If you don't accept the orders that the delivery boy approaches you with, he will then go and sit down. Above his head will be a thought bubble with the items in that he will ask for in the future - keep an eye on this and plan your farm around it to ensure you can meet his future orders.

Building Materials are Very Important!

Although the game is generally about harvesting crops and looking after animals, you need to have a definite focus on the building materials that are strewn around the map. These are vital for functional tasks like expanding your storage. They can be found, as mentioned, lying around the map, but also you can get them from Mystery Boxes and on friends' farms - as well, of course, as buying them with Diamonds.

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