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How to Get Coins

How to Get Coins
Hay Day Guide

Coins are used for purchasing pretty much everything you need in Hay Day. The best way to get them, is by selling the produce that you have worked hard to create. Computer-controlled characters will visit your farm and ask if you have certain items. You can also sell using the Delivery Truck which comes into your farm with a list of items it requires.

Another way to sell is by using the Roadside Shop. This allows you to set the price of the items you are selling, making them more attractive to potential buyers, or more lucrative to your own wallet. Finally, you can place an advert in the newspaper, which almost guarantees a sale of whatever produce you list there - this allows any players to see your goods, whereas the Roadside Shop can only be seen by people you have previously come into contact with.

You can also purchase Coins using real money, and try your hand at becoming a dealer, by purchasing other people's produce and selling it on.


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