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How It Works

How It Works
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You begin Hay Day by renovating an old, run-down farm that you have inherited. Before long, you begin growing your first crops. Crops are the basic resource in Hay Day. You have to plant seeds and after a certain amount of time they will grow into full-sized plants that you can harvest. Once harvested, you can either sell them there and then, or store them for use in creating other items. For example, Wheat can be used to create animal feed, something which becomes crucial pretty quickly. You can also use it to make Bread, and a host of other items.

You always get a higher price for your efforts if you do decide to make one thing into something else, but sometimes if you need quick cash then you will find yourself just selling straight away. The most high value items of produce are those where you have to combine a large number of other items in order to create them.

Animals require constant feeding to be able to produce a consistent supply of produce, and key to Hay Day is making sure you have a regular supply chain so that you can get some sort of order into your farm. Otherwise your animals will run out of food and generally the whole thing will break down. Animals, Pets, Fishing and Boats await you as you move through the levels, each with its own nuances.

You gain the ability to go fishing later in the game
You gain the ability to go fishing later in the game

The game begins with a simple tutorial, which introduces you to all the basics. Each time a new element is introduced, you will be walked through it to give you a decent understanding before being let loose on the new mechanics.

Your ultimate goal is to earn as much money as possible from all of your produce. You want your farm to be a well-oiled machine that keeps the money coming in with little effort on your part. The key to this is getting into a good routine, something which you will become adept at the more you play this addictive and engaging game.

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