Hay Day

First Five Hours

First Five Hours
Hay Day Guide

The tutorial in Hay Day is reasonably short, and tasks you with renovating your run-down farm. Once you have given the barn a fresh lick of paint and removed some of the debris that litters your farm, you will be given free rein to get stuck into the day-to-day running of the farmland itself. You begin with three fields that you can plant seeds on. Initially, this is pretty much all you can do, though you can soon tend some chickens also. Each of these fields rewards you with two crops, but at this point all you can sow is Wheat. Fill up the fields with this, bearing in mind it takes only 2 minutes to reach harvest.

Once you reach level three, you unlock another set of fields, as well as a new crop: Corn. Corn is more valuable than Wheat, but takes a little longer to develop. The farming side of Hay Day is reasonably straightforward - you will just be deciding whether to have quick, cheap crops, or slower, more valuable ones. The other element that you will encounter in your first few hours in the game are the Chickens. These produce Eggs every twenty minutes, but you will need to keep them fed with Chicken Feed for that to happen.

Your goal in these stages should be to level up, try to plant a more diverse range of crops, and sell what you can to the delivery truck that waits at your farm. You should complete as many tasks as you can, as these earn you much needed rewards which can give your farm the boost you need early in the game.

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