Groovy Galaxy

Groovy Galaxy

Pixel Frenzy Productions
Version: 2.42 | Everyone

The galaxy is in peril and only you can save it! Gigantic Radical Unidentified Varying Extraterrestrial (GRUV-E) space objects are entering our galaxy in vast quantities and they're on a direct collision course with every planet! It's up to you to save our planets with your NASA developed Fission Nuclear Gravity Reflector (FNGR).

Use the Melodic Universe Symphonic Inducing Cadence (MUSIC) also provided by NASA to predict the GRUV-E's speed and movement to quickly and efficiently dispatch them using your FNGR. Save the galaxy before it's too late!

Save the galaxy while enjoying 60 songs each with its own level created from the characteristics of the music. Enjoy a variety of music from genres such as Rock, Classical, Electronic, and Dub-Step. Explore the galaxy and expand your musical horizons!

• OpenGL ES 2 or 3
• Multi-Touch (Play with two hands or a friend!)
• Touch Precision Adjustment (Adjust touch radius of objects)
• Google Games
• Achievements
• Cloud Backup
• Audio Quality (Slow, Normal, or Fast Device)
• Close all running apps to improve performance and stability.
• If you experience poor performance, then lower your Audio Quality settings in the main menu options.

CPU: Quad Core 2.0GHz
GPU: Adreno 330, Mali-T628 MP6, or Tegra 3

1. "Cyber Punked" by The Alien Mike ET
2. "Electrospective Skuz" by Ambient Teknology
3. "Mermaid in Japan" by Blue Wave Theory
4. "Chillin'" by Brotha D
5. "Summer Time" by Brotha D
6. "Nocturne in F minor Op 55 No 1" by Chad Lawson
7. "Make me Pure" by CrimsonFaced
8. "Highland Sunrise" by Dixie Cannon
9. "Ambience Tension" by Dixie Cannon
10. "Wild Ride" by Domased
11. "Softly Under the Rain" by Dr Kuch
12. "Moonlight Sonata" by Daniel Estrem
13. "The Mississippi River" by Firehead Jerry
14. "Perfectly Aligned" by Firehead Jerry
15. "My Artificial Sun" by Fresh Body Shop
16. "Here's To The Angels" by FUR
17. "Devastate The Details" by FUR
18. "Suite in Fa Major" by Ivan Ilic
19. "8 Bit Orbit" by iNTROSPEKT
20. "Piano Army" by Jasmine Brunch
21. "Space Donkey" by Jasmine Brunch
22. "To Climb" by Michael Joy
23. "Death and rain" by Kenji Williams
24. "Tokyo Story" by Kenji Williams
25. "Colour Me In" by Christian Laki
26. "Lost in Touch" by Christian Laki
27. "Kickstart" by Love Amplifier
28. "Three Angels" by Love Amplifier
29. "Mekhanix" by iNTROSPEKT
30. "Greensleeves" by Magnatune Compilation
31. "The Funk Raw" by Mantic
32. "Starbase Lounge Music" by Mantic
33. "Fuzzy Logic" by Mantic
34. "A Trip Beyond the Universe" by DJ Markitos
35. "Starship Earth" by DJ Markitos
36. "Echoes of the Big Bang" by DJ Markitos
37. "Swipe to the Beats" by DJ Markitos
38. "Euphoric Magic" by Mokhov
39. "Your Dirge" by Mountain Mirrors
40. "An Open Sky" by OGMA
41. "Mind Thieves" by Osamu Kitajima and Chris Mancinelli
42. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" by Osamu Kitajima and Chris Mancinelli
43. "Etude 2" by Vito Paternoster
44. "Burn Bright" by Psycliq
45. "Under The Bright Lights" by Rocket City Riot
46. "Afterburner" by Seismic Anamoly
47. "Ten Million Tears" by Seismic Anamoly
48. "Lullabies For Old Hearts" by The Seldon Plan
49. "Piano sonata no13 in E flat major" by Sebastian Forster
50. "Funkaliciousness" by Slimdog Productions
51. "All Tha Kingz Horsez" by Slimdog Productions
52. "Wikked" by Slimdog Productions
53. "Have You Ever Seen A God" by Sterling
54. "World On Fire" by Sterling
55. "Yakuza Baby" by The Easton Ellises
56. "Glitches" by The Easton Ellises
57. "Gigue In D Major" by Voices of Music
58. "Hostile Takeover" by Where's Moo
59. "Once I Can Fly" by Where's Moo
60. "Science Fiction Nightmare" by Where's Moo
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