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Best Characters Tier List

Best Characters Tier List
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The characters in Grand Chase can be classified according to both their ability and their role.

There are four roles; Attacker, Mage, Tank, Healer

And there are four areas of the game where a character's ability can be classified; Adventure, PvP Attack, PvP Defense and Dimensional Beast.

There is a great spreadsheet here (external link which are not responsible for - nor did we make this spreadsheet) - which details all the characters and how they are ranked:

However if you just want a quick rundown of who the best characters are in the game, then here goes:

SR Tier List

1. Lass


With high burst damage rate, you'll sail through the early levels of Adventure mode with a well leveled Lass in your team. If you pull Lass in one of your rolls, you really should keep that roll and play the game from there.

As well as being great in Adventure Mode, Lass also excels in other areas of the game too, particularly PvP.

2. Ryan

Best Characters Tier List

Ryan we classify as a tank, and he will absorb a ton of hits for your team, he even has the ability to transfer damage taken from team mates to himself. The perfect companion for Lass in Adventure Mode.

3. Mari


If you are looking for a good mob clearer, then Mari is the character you are looking for.

S Tier List

1. Ras El
If you don't have Mari, then Ras El is a good character to have in your team, he has similar abilities to Mari, just not as strong

2. Charon
Really good DPS but pretty poor against mobs. So if you have a good mob clearer in your party, then Charon would be great to include as a fat attacker against strong units.

Her special ability, Dispel, to remove enemy player buffs make her a good choice in PvP teams.


Above are whom we consider to be the best characters in Grand Chase. There are many more, and some could well be considered to be better than the ones we listed above in certain situations. As you play the game, you'll have a feel for which character you like the best and in which roles. The most important thing to remember though when developing characters is to consider how they will function in the team you are putting together. For example, there is no point have a team purely of high DPS attackers, as they will be trampled on by a large mob maybe.

A well balanced team is the way to go, and hopefully some of the characters we mention above will make it into your teams.

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