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Reroll Guide

Reroll Guide
Grand Chase Guide

If you want to get the best characters in the game, then you are probably going to have to reroll a few times unless you are really lucky. Rerolling is the process of starting the game over to try to get the characters that you want to start with.

The good thing however while it takes a little time to do, rerolling in Grand Chase is pretty easy and is built into the game.

Initial Log In
It's important here that you initially log in as a guest if you intend to try rerolling. Later on you can connect via GameCenter, Twitter or Facebook, but for now, until you have the roll that you are satisfied with, log in as a guest.

Setting your Expectations
Don't set your expectations too high, if there is a particular character you want and it comes up, then you should probably take that roll and carry on with the game from there. If you are expecting a squad of top tier players, well it is very unlikely it will happen. Don't let your favourite character escape you if he comes up, otherwise you could be rerolling for ages to try to get him again.

Go Through Tutorial

Tutorial takes you through first few levels of Adventure Mode
Tutorial takes you through first few levels of Adventure Mode

Ok, so you have logged in as a guest, now run through the tutorial. Once it is over check your mail, and in the system mail, for as long as they are offering it, there may be a the free pre-registration 10 Premium Summon Tickets. It's with these bad boys that we will try to get the characters we are looking for. The tutorial process takes you through the first level. You may also get a S Rank 4 Star Hero Select Ticket.

Getting Your Premium Summon Tickets
Getting Your Premium Summon Tickets

Premium Hero Summon

Game Start Screen
Game Start Screen

Now you have the Premium Summon Tickets, head back to the game start screen and select the Premium Hero Summon option and choose the 10+1 time Summon. This will give you 11 characters. If you like what the game dealt you, then great, continue with your account and play as normal.

If you are not happy and want to try again to get a different set of characters to start the game with then you will have to reroll, and it's super simple to do.

Start Reroll

If you want to reroll at this point simply tap the settings icon in the upper right corner and select delete account. This will delete you account and start you over. Go through the whole process again, and hopefully better cards will be drawn for you this time round. If you still don't like your deck, then continue rerolling. But watch out you don't set your expectations too high. Let's take a look at the best heroes in the game, and the ones you should be thinking about keeping if you get them in a roll.

First Roll
First Roll

Also something to keep in mind that the game allows you one free summon per day, you get this free daily summon in the shop.

What to expect from your roll
For sure you will not get the ultimate team with any roll, so please remember to keep your expectation realistic, it would be considered a fantastic roll if you managed to get 2 SR characters you should definitely keep that roll if you get it, but realistically even that is a pretty tough roll to get.

The character that a lot of people at the moment seem to be aiming for is Lass, however his drop rate is really low, so he is probably not a good one to aim for. Any SR rated character would be a great one to have, and if your roll gives you two, then grab it with both hands because it probably is not going to get any better than that. Other top tier characters to be happy with could be Sieghart and Mari.

In my opinion however don't spend too much time rerolling to try to get your team, enjoy the game, it's a lot of fun. And remember, as you play through the game you'll start to unlock more characters, so heroes such as Lass you'll be able to unlock at story chapter 7-9 if you don't get him before.

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