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Best Tips and Strategy

Best Tips and Strategy
Grand Chase Guide

This part of the guide is meant for people that are beginners in the game and we''ll suggest some simple things that should make your game playing experience with Grand Chase better.

1. Reroll
If you need to make a reroll, you can do it with the aid of our Reroll Guide. It basically means you have another chance to get the characters that you want at the beginning of the game. Don't go crazy with it though, maybe give it a few tries and if you get an SR Tier character than grab it and run! (Best Characters Tier List)

2. Focus on your main team
Early on you don't want to spend all your resources updating all of your characters, focus on your main team for adventure more and level them up so you can sail through the levels. If you get stuck, and can't complete a level perfectly, don't worry, carry on with the next levels and come back another time when your characters are a higher level to complete the job.

3. Check in Daily
You'll get a free daily summon every day in the shop. Pretty useful to help built your party,

4. Check the Daily Missions.
Complete enough daily missions to get extra rewards in the game.

5. Create a Well Balanced Team
One hero does not make the team - You'll be able to sail through the initial levels if you manage to roll a character such as Lass, but at some point even he will need a team with good synergies and balance to help him get through the levels. Think about which characters in your roster work well as a tank, which ones can heal and which ones are good at mob damage, put them together with you high DPS attacker and hopefully you are no looking at a well balanced team to get you through Adventure Mode.

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