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Probably one of the best-looking mobile sci-fi RPG game out there today

Galaxy Legend is a sci-fi strategy RPG by Tap4Fun. This is a very popular title featured by Google Play in over 100 countries and it's quite easy to see why. The game is primarily focused on single player as you take the role of a commander and rise up the ranks as you defeat space pirates and other commanders for glory and supremacy. The game requires constant internet connection and cannot be played offline. Players can enjoy the full features of the game for free with optional in-game purchases that will give them the VIP status. VIP players will enjoy more benefits and advantage over their free-to-play counterparts, primarily having access to exclusive offers without spending any credits. Though free-to-play and online, the game has no ads at all, giving it a very clean interface.

The gameplay revolves around the player's development and strengthening his fleet. Some of the features in the game are locked intially which will unlock automatically after reaching a specific level. It might appear complicated but first time players will immediately appreciate how easily they can grasp the mechanics of the game. The trick is to read and follow the tutorials; the game will assist you with details as you go through the story.

The game has three main currencies. Cubit (dollar sign icon) is the most commonly used currency as you need it to purchase upgrades for your ships and upgrading your buildings. Tech Points (atom icon) are used in the Research Center to purchase permanent upgrades for your entire fleet. Prestige (rank) icon increases your rank. Higher rank allows you to recruit more commanders and add them to your fleet. Credits (green card) icon is premium form of currency that allows you to make extra purchases in the game.

Upgrading your buildings will give you various benefits that will help your gameplay easier. For example, upgrading your Research Center will increase the level cap of your technologies, allowing you to spend your tech points in buying higher level tech. Upgrading the diplomacy center allows you to call in the assistance of better diplomats which will give you free resources.

Players will surely appreciate how the game give several options to earn these resources with ease. Players will have daily sign-in rewards, active rewards, daily rewards and daily quests. Sign in rewards can be acquired immediately simply by signing in. If the player signs in on consecutive days, he'll get more rewards. Active rewards are awarded depending on how long the player is in the game. Players need to collect active rewards quickly since the countdown timer for the next reward will start only after the player collects the reward. Daily rewards include 9 Dexter Coins, which can be used to play the slot machine machine in Dexter's Lab. Finally, daily quests are sets of trivial and easy to complete quests that players can do while earning individual rewards for those different tasks. Players can also enjoy collecting cubits from the Citadel structure, defeating pirates or winning arena battles.

Battles are turn-based and victory will often depend on the fleet that has more firepower and defense. Before heading to battle, it is imperative to upgrade your ships and parts on them. You can obtain parts as parts as battle spoils or by purchasing them. You can enhance your ships as many times as you want; however, you can only do this six times at a time; after that, you have to wait for the counter to finish and which will give you more enhance tabs to spend on enhancing. Enhancing consumes Cubit. Players can further strengten the parts by "Evolving" them. This is done by finding the necessary blueprint for the part and reaching the required level for the part to evolve. The first evolution level is 20 then followed by LV30. Unfortunately, you can only use one blueprint per part; this will allow you to evolve the part installed to one ship only.

Battles will also rely on battle formation and skills. Skills that deploy shields to mitigate a considerable amount of enemy damage is great for ships that will be taking the front lines. Skills that damage multiple enemies at once is also valuable for offensive ships who will be staying behind the "tank". Getting your fleet wiped out won't result in any permanent losses; you'll keep your ships intact and you're free to fight the enemy forces once again. Just remember to keep them repaired. There are no visible indicators on damaged ships; their performance will suffer if their physical integrity goes below 50%. You can use the Construction Yard to keep your ships in top shape.
The number of battles you can participate on is limited by the number of your Supplies. Each battle consumes one supply, regardless if you're victorious or not. Supplies are replenished once every 30 minutes and you'll also get them through daily gifts, defeating neutral forces or through spins in Galaxy Slots. You can also participate in arena battles where you can easily earn extra cubits and tech points by defeating the fleets of other players. For your convenience, you can fight players with lower level than you for a sure and easy win. The number of arena battles you can participate on is also limited but will be fully replenished the next day.

Aside from Arena and campaign battles, players can also take part in Elite Battles. These are special boss battles that often drop blueprints for your ships' parts. Every two days or so, you can fight the Elite boss you've defeated before, allowing you to stock on more blueprints as necessary.

The game also has a different method of recruiting new commanders. You can do this through the Celestial Portal, a structure that you'll unlock as you progress through the game. The portal charges particles called Lepton and Quark. Lepton particles will allow you to call in standard commanders while Quark particles allow you to summon more powerful commanders. It is possible to convert Lepton to Quark so don't waste your Lepton by hiring whatever commander you'll find to fill up any extra slot. The default commanders you can recruit as you go through with the single-player campaign should suffice your needs.
Now let's talk about the game's graphics. For a mobile game, Galaxy Legend boasts a very impressive graphics quality, especially on devices with bigger displays. It's simply one of the best-looking titles in Google Play today. The details on the default screen is amazing, the menu are very organized and not cluttered, the battle animation and effects are great. The sound effects sync perfectly with the animation, immersing players to the events in the game. Players will appreciate the great audio-visual presentation the game has for them.

For this quality and the wide range of activities you can do inside the game, it can easily pass as a paid title. Being a free title without any ads and without locking down some features is great move that helped escalate the game to the popularity it enjoys right now. However, this also crams the server as some players report server connectivity issues even when their internet connection is great. When playing this game, expect some hiccups such as this to happen. So far, I haven't encountered any bugs or crashes that ruined the experience.

If you have access to constant and stable internet connection and you're a fan of sci-fi role-playing games, Galaxy Legend is one of the best titles you should try.

4.7 / 5.0
review by Paul | May 13th 2014

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Review by GuestNov 14th 2021
I’ve been playing daily for 55 days. It’s kinda like watching paint dry, I was hoping it would take off and be exciting, but it’s not.
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