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Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
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Hints and Tips
  • Try to wait until fruits get grouped together on the screen for easier combos.
  • Earn as much consecutive combos as you can to enter Combo Blitz mode.
  • Complete challenges for Star Fruits, and buy power-ups from Gutsu's Crate.
  • Try to slice all bananas that appear while playing Arcade Mode
  • The effects of the bananas stack in Arcade Mode so take advantage of this.

  • Hints and Tips
  • Power-ups don't reset when you retry a game. Meaning, any power-up spent before a retry will be gone for good.
  • Slicing bombs will deduct 10 points from your score so avoid them.
  • Watch videos from the post-game screen (if you're connected to the internet), to collect 100 Star Fruits for each video that you watch.
  • Repeatedly slice the pomegranate that appears at the very end of the game in Arcade Mode, to earn extra points based on the number of hits you've made.

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