Fruit Ninja HD

Fruit Ninja HD

Make way for some fruit slashing mayhem!

Fruit Ninja HD is a highly popular, addictive, multi-platform fruit slashing mayhem courtesy of Halfbrick Studios. Priced at $2.99 in the AppStore, this pick-up-and-play title offers plenty of modes ranging from Arcade, Classic or Zen. And while all of these modes share a single objective -- form combos (from slicing three or more fruits at once) and rack up as many points as you can -- each mode do have differences.

Classic Mode gives you three lives which will deplete whenever a fruit falls into the pit; slicing a bomb results in a game over. Zen Mode allows players to let loose and decapitate fruits for 60 seconds without bombs getting in the way. Arcade Mode on the other hand is a buffed up Classic Mode, adding power ups in the form of bananas which give players access to certain perks for a limited time. There is also a Multiplayer Mode that allows players to go head-to head with a friend.

Unlockable swords and backgrounds are also available for purchase with star fruits at the Dojo. But their effects are primarily aesthetic. In addition, perks are also available for purchase with star fruits but these are consumables. Meaning your stash depletes with each use, and you will have to replenish your stocks when it runs out.

In terms of graphics, the game is a joy to behold with vibrant colors and impressive splatters. The music is also great though limited with just a few tracks and sound effects. But that is understandable given the game's file size.

Overall, for a game that only costs a few bucks (or even free if you managed to catch the Christmas deals on the AppStore this past year), Fruit Ninja HD will quite easily keep you entertained for a while with its casual, "pick-up-and-play" approach to gaming.
4.5 / 5.0
review by mogg1342 | Sep 23rd 2014

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Review by GuestJan 13th 2020
Good it is. Like Yoda you must be. Slow and Strategic.
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