Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Space Ape Games
Version: | Everyone

Fastlane: Road to Revenge is a fast-paced car orientated shoot-emup.

Cars are unlocked as you play through the game and reach higher levels.

Top Tips and Strategy

1. Take the additional machine gun upgrade, you can recoup the crystals later in the game and the extra firepower will help you progress through the game more quickly. It also means you don't have to be directly behind another car when you are shooting at it as the extra machine gun fires diagonally.

2. It's worth spending your in-game cash on the upgrades to any new car that you get as it will enable to you make progress in the game quicker.

3. Watch out for the missiles. They occupy a number of lanes at the same time, they are the most dangerous thing in the game.

4. Remember the signals for roadworks and rockets so you are ahead a little bit when it comes to dodging them.

5. Slow down the game by releasing your finger from your device. This will allow you a little extra time to think about what's going on and hopefully give you some breathing space to get out of a tight spot.

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This is one of my all time favorite games. Only issue I have is that some of the targeted items are a little too small to really see, example: the wine bottles; so I end up missing them a lot of the time. But I still enjoy playing the game. Keep up the good work!!
5.0 / 5.0

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