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There are 23 machines for you to unlock on in Factory Inc. Each one will pound and drill your materials into new products to forge your factory based sales empire. Each machine has a different set of stats for it that will determine its effect on your production line (how much they can manipulate the materials to upgrade them to new products).

Machine Stats

Power - How much they can influence the materials (each level of material need a certain amount of manipulation to turn it into the next level.
Speed - How fast they operate (eg cycles per minute)
Range - how large an area of the production line they will affect (the larger the range the less chance of them missing some items.
Duration - How long they run for without needing to be restarted.

How to get new Machines

New machines are received through opening boxes in the Shop and from occasional boxes received from order rewards. It is worth using your earned money to open these when you can. Once you reach level 150 you will also be able to open a free box once a day.

How to upgrade the Machines

Each machine will also be able to be upgraded once you gain Exp for each through opening more boxes. Upgrading takes Tuning parts which are also found in the boxes and also as occasional rewards. These can be hard to come by so it is worth grabbing them whenever you can and boosting the rewards for them by watching averts if you can.

Opening boxes will get you the occasional new machine but usually only when you have just unlocked a new machine slot for the first time. The rest of the time the boxes will get you Exp level boosts for existing machines and tuning parts. The Exp level for each machine determines how much you can upgrade it and the tuning parts are used to make the actual upgrades.

Most of the time you will need all of the machines in your factory so it is worth trying to upgrade all of them as much as you can although you may end up with some favourites that you will want to upgrade more as they will be the ones your will use initially when you sell up and start a new round of production.

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