Factory Inc.

Boosters and Multipliers

Boosters and Multipliers
Factory Inc. Guide

The game of Factory Inc. is full of opportunities to boost production, speed and rewards, through watching video ads. Barely 2 minutes will go by before another opportunity to earn money or other items will be presented to you.

It an feel a little too much at times especially when some are unfortunately unskippable, although these can be removed by buying the add free package. That said though many of these can be very useful if you are actively playing and want to maximise the money you can make. Two of the special boosts are found in the lower right hand corner of the screen and offer a Money Boost and a Speed Boost in exchange for ad watching.

Keep a close eye out too for the drones and the boxes that appear on the production lines from time to time. These boxes need to be tapped to unlock rewards, first money, then gems and finally tuning parts for your machines. The parts are essential and always useful to have to boosting the reward on these is recommended.

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