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Hints and Tips
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Factory Inc. is about money. Making lots of it and there are lots of ways to do that, but if you are looking to speed up your progress and unlock more products, machines and production lines then we have some tips to help you out.

Level up the factory
Your factory level is important as it will greatly affect the income from every action that you make and also control the power you have under your tapping finger with the hammer that lets you actively process materials.
As you generate money one of the first places you should look to invest it in your set up is the factory level. Tap on the factory icon in the lower left to upgrade it.

Along with this it is also important to expand the production lines. Initially you will have 1 line and expanding it to allow you to add more machines will let you make more money with less input. Especially important when you earn money while not playing.

Unlock and Upgrade machines
The next aspect of the game to focus on is the machines themselves. As you expand the production lines you will have the opportunity to buy boxes in the shop for money (and also gems) that will grant either new machines or machine upgrade Exp. capacity as well as the tuning parts that you need for the upgrades.

The game is full of opportunities to earn extra money and other items as you play. Many of these involve watching a video advert or can be boosted to increase the rewards by doing so. Its up to you whether you want to speed up the progress in that way.

Some items such as the drone that flies in can be easily claimed without watching videos. There is a box item that appears on the production lines from time to time that you need to tap to clear. You can tap it to get money, then gems and finally machine parts. THe parts are an important item that is hard to get so we would recommend trying to get these from the box as often as possible and use the option to multiply the reward with an advert so you can maximise the number you gain.

Fill orders
Orders will appear at the top of the screen on the left and as you level up you will get more order opportunities. Filling the orders will give you great rewards from either a large pile of money to gems and reward boxes with machine parts. The money orders repeat regularly while the others take minutes or hours to reset after each completion.

If you are online and actively playing them you should check these orders and switch your production lines to complete them as often as possible.

Sell the factory
One of the key aspects of the game is the ability to sell the factory. You will need to reach a mimimum level each time to be able to do this but when you do you will get an extra boost on your money earning ability in the next new factory.

Selling up and starting again when you are making money and progressing may seem like a backwards step but the boost you get with each new start is essential to making the huge sums of money you need to unlock all of the products, production lines and machines you need to complete the game.

When you get the opportunity to sell and you are able to spend a little time getting the new enterprise going it is a good idea to go for it.

These are our tips for playing Factory Inc. If you have any other please let us know in the comments. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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